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IN-AJSOP is a professional association comprised of individuals and organizations that, in their daily work, respond to youth who have caused sexual harm. In response to Indiana’s lack of a standardized model of care for these youth, the Association emerged in 2004 to lead Indiana’s professional treatment community toward adoption of a best practice approach to assessment and intervention.

IN-AJSOP (Indiana Association of Juvenile Sex Offender Practitioners) only utilizes the acronym for best practice purposes.  Since it’s creation, the field has gone away from using “sex offender” word associated with juveniles.  In 2017, when ATSA published the ATSA Adolescent Practice Guidelines, the term used to describe the population is, “an adolescent who has engaged in sexually abusive behavior.”

Establish and maintain a credentialed provider network across the state.
Provide structured training programs based on current research models.
Advocate for and provide important research and clinical information.
Promote and adhere to a specific code of ethics for professionals who treat youth who cause sexual harm and their families.

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