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Frequently Asked Questions

IN-AJSOP is committed to being an ongoing resource, reference and guide for Indiana’s professional treatment community. If you do not find the answer you need, please contact us and we will be in touch promptly.

How do I keep my credentials?

Credentialed providers are required to submit 20 continuing education hours to IN-AJSOP every two years, and complete and sign an application of recertification. Continuing education hours must be applicable (and supported by research) to the treatment of sexually maladaptive youth for IN-AJSOP CEU credit.

What are the benefits of being credentialed?

a. Historically, parents, professionals, and others in the State of Indiana have had no reliable way of determining whether a provider or an agency is appropriately trained and equipped to intervene with the sexually maladaptive population. IN-AJSOP credentialing ensures professionals, referral sources, and the public that the practitioner has received appropriate training and has demonstrated competency in best practice standards in this regard. The credential also ensures the public that the provider is maintaining their credential through continued study, research and education.

b. The State of Indiana Department of Child Services requires that practitioners who provide services to sexually maladaptive youth be credentialed as part of the contracting process. Providers who are not credentialed or agencies that do not employ credentialed providers are not eligible for State DCS contracts.

c. Credentialed providers are included and participate in an extended, state-wide network of highly-trained and highly motivated professionals working in the field. Consultation, research, access to information, and support is available through this extended provider network.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. The Indiana Youth Institute has supported individuals pursuing training through IN-AJSOP.

Where can I get CEUs and what are the criteria?

CEUs can be obtained through NASW, APA, IN-AJSOP and other licensing and credentialing bodies. In general, the only stipulation for CEU credit is that the training content is supported by research and that the content of the training is applicable to the treatment of youth with sexual behavior problems. Adult specific training in any area does not qualify.

What happens if I am credentialed and I leave the agency I work for?

Individuals are credentialed, not agencies. IN-AJSOP encourages credentialed providers to cooperate with agencies and to adhere to any agreements or agency policies regarding the separation of employment.

Is there a yearly membership fee?

No. There are no membership fees. Individuals who complete the training course at any level are automatically considered IN-AJSOP members.

Does the State of Indiana require certification/credentialing?

No. Credentialing is voluntary in the State of Indiana. It is noted, however that the State will not endorse and does not fund services for sexually maladaptive youth unless provided or supervised by a credentialed professional. Many agencies require that professionals working with the SMY population be credentialed or be in the process of being credentialed.

What if my credential has lapsed?

If you do not submit proof of continuing education hours and application for recertification to IN-AJSOP by your recredentialing date (located on your CSAYC/P Certificate) your credential will expire on that date.

If you are within the 60 day window of expiration, please contact IN-AJSOP for instructions on how to reinstate your credentials.

If your credentials are 60 days past recredentialed date, then you must repeat and complete the appropriate training series.

How can I get more involved in IN-AJSOP?

Email us or call us at 317-402-2851. IN-AJSOP welcomes credentialed and non-credentialed professionals to participate in the Task Force (meets quarterly), Subcommittees (Curriculum Development, Annual Conference, Ethics, Research, etc.).

How can I find a credentialed provider in a certain area?

At this time, you can contact IN-AJSOP to discuss where providers are located.

How can I become a field instructor?

In order for participants to participate in field instruction, IN-AJSOP approves field instructors on the following criteria:

  1. CSAYC credentials for minimum of 2 years
  2. Licensed mental health professional in the State of Indiana
  3. Completed and Signed Application form
  4. Submitted Resume
  5. Completed Assessment (HIPPA approved) with 2 risk tools
  6. Submitted Written Letter of Recommendation from current employer
  7. Submitted Written letter of Recommendation from other professional in the field
  8. Endorsement from CSAYC field instructor- if applicable.
  9. Attend field instructor training at least once a year to maintain status
  10. Endorsements are considered on a case by case process via board approval; submission of all listed material would need to be provided and a written request for the endorsement.

Submission of material to IN-AJSOP at info@in-ajsop.org for board approval.

Board meetings are held monthly and applications will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting. Feedback and or approval will be provided within a week of the board review.

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